Black Eyed Peas Fight Punk’d Prank

A prank from the MTV show “Punk’d” has reportedly gone wrong when host Ashton Kutcher and crew attempted to trick Black Eyed Peas into a fake arrest. According to published reports, the BEP entourage began fighting with the shows fake cops after the attempted apprehension within a sex brothel.

Neither Kutcher nor show producers anticipated that the fun-loving group would actually physically fight the “officers” during the practical joke.

Will.I.Am, lead rapper in the group, was party to the joke and when “officers” tried to arrest him, the star a BEP entourage member struck the “police” in the face. The show crew immediately stopped the prank and explained they were taping a hidden camera show, a notion that wasn’t well received.

No charges were pressed. Show producers haven’t revealed whether or not the incident will be aired.

Reps at MTV were not available for comment at press time.