Black Eyed Peas Members Awarded Presidential Medal In The Philippines

Black Eyed

Peas group members and were awarded the Presidential Medal

of Merit today (July 27) at Malacañang Palace, home to the President of

the Philippines. The

Presidential Medal of Merit recognizes Filipinos and foreigners who bring positive

attention to the country in literature, science, the arts or entertainment. Executive

Secretary Eduardo Ermita awarded the rappers with the Presidential Medal of Merit,

as President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was unable to present the award after being

hospitalized with the flu.Arroyo,

59, is being treated at St. Luke's Medical Center in Manila. Doctors will hold

her there for at least 48 hours, after she contracted the flu welcoming displaced

Filipinos from war-torn Beirut. was born in Sapang Bato

in Angeles City in the Philippines, to a Filipina mother and an African-American

father. He was adopted by an American family at the age of 14 and came to the

United States. "It's

a great honor to be in the Palace," told reporters. "I'm grateful

to the Filipinos supporting the Black Eyed Peas, this was a big day for me."The

group performed "The Apl Song," which is based on the rapper's life.

The chorus of "The APL Song" is based on "Balita," from 70's

Filipino folk rock group Asin. They also offered a live rendition of "Bebot,"

which is Filipino slang for girl. Both

songs are taken from the group's hit album Monkey Business.The

group is in the Philippines for a charity concert. The Peas are performing to

raise money for victims of a February 2006 mudslide that left over 1,000 people

dead in Southern Leyte, about 400 miles outside of Manila.