Black Eyed Peas' Studio Up In Flames

A recording studio

the Black Eyed Peas were working in went up in flames, after the group allegedly

lit candles to create a mood while recording material for their new album.

According officials,

the group was recording material for their upcoming album Monkey Business

inside the Glenwood Place Studios. The candles sparked the blaze around 3:00


Members of the

group were in another part of the facility eating dinner during a break when

they learned of the fire.

Despite their attempts

to extinguish the fire, the studio sustained an estimated $50,000 worth of damages.

The group escaped

with a tape of their recordings and some burnt guitars. "Guitars, drums,

drum-kits, keyboards, microphones, classic instruments that we've collected

with our worldly travels are now destroyed," told local TV station


“They evacuated

the building (and) even tried using fire extinguishers prior to our arrival,

but it was too late for fire extinguishers,” said Captain Ron Bell. “But

they did a good job."

Due to the Pea’s

efforts, only about 20 percent of the studio was affected. The studio remained

open and continued other recording sessions. The group is expected to continue

recording at the facility.