Black Panther Breaks Worldwide Sales Records


In the U.S. and internationally, Marvel's Black Panther

(AllHipHop News) The idea that Black-themed movies cannot be blockbusters is officially shattered.

Black Panther raked in an estimated $361 million worldwide debut, a huge victory for Marvel Studios. It also clearly shows that movies that have Black leads and Afrocentric notions are unable to sell worldwide.

The movie pulled in an estimated $192 million domestically in the three days, $169 million and the numbers are expected to rise dramatically due to the President's Day holiday Monday.

This is the biggest debut of any movies in the month of February, March and April, according to Buzzfeed. The Black Panther also marks the biggest domestic opening weekend ever for a movie directed by a black director.

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Black Panther is my all time favorite movies in 2018. I watched this movie more than 5 times. I totally in love with this movie. I watched this movie on Terrarium TV app. Download Terrarium TV APK from this official website


im gonna need you to relax with Afrocentric movies being able to sell worldwide lmao smh. lets not get it twisted this movie sold because it is a BLOCKBUSTER MARVEL UNIVERSE MOVIE. the character just happens to be an African king and super hero. im not taking anything away from it cause it was awesome and the one of thee best movies marvel has done and I loved the way our brothers and sisters in Africa were represented, but lets be realistic here.


2nd paragraph typo "unable" should be "able"