Black Panther Dubbed 'Best Marvel Movie' After Premiere

AllHipHop Staff

The critics are already raving about the new "Black Panther" movie.

(AllHipHop News) Fans and critics who saw the "Black Panther" at its world premiere in Los Angeles on Monday have proclaimed it the best Marvel movie to date.

Ryan Coogler's film, which stars Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, an African prince ruling the fictional kingdom of Wakanda whose alter ego is the superhero Black Panther, has been hotly anticipated - but few predicted the universal praise it has received after its debut.

Among those blown away by the movie were Umberto Gonzalez, a film reporter for The Wrap, who wrote on Twitter, "I think the argument can be made for #BlackPanther being the best Marvel film ever! Just got out of premiere & overwhelmed at the imagery, the majesty, & a film that elevates the superhero genre to new heights."

The stars were also present at the premiere and spoke to reporters about what they loved about the movie, the first superhero blockbuster to feature a majority black cast.

Angela Bassett, who plays Ramonda, T'Challa's royal mother told Variety that she was delighted to see a group of black actors and filmmakers get the chance to create a superhero epic about an advanced African society.

Asked about what she loved about the movie she said, "To see all these beautiful, talented black people all in one place, this black nation, coming together, technologically advanced with so much swag and brilliance."

Describing the film's new take on the superhero genre, Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya, who stars as T'Challa's best friend and security chief W'Kabi, added, "This is how it's supposed to be, this is the actual world and this reflects the world and we have to tell honest stories from all perspectives, not just one."