Black Rapping School

Writer, entertainer Mighty Casey has compiled a course listing for the Black Rapping School! Check out the Course Book!

Misogyny 101.

In this class upcoming rappers will learn techniques such as making it

rain on hoes, pouring champagne on bitches and swiping credit cards

down the cracks of fat asses. Advanced students will learn how to

urinate on young girls and tactics needed to avoid paying child

support. Rappers will learn how to make their own new misogynist nick

names and the many different pronunciations of the word bitch.

Advanced Vocabulary 203

Just as the Eskimos have 500 words for Snow, rappers have 500 words for

cocaine. In this class students will learn all the proper slang terms

for guns, weed, heroin, police, females(see misogyny 101), and low

income housing. All rappers must understand and use all regional slang

in order to boost their national appeal.

Beef 606

In this class rappers will learn how to get the necessary media

attention by starting altercations with other rappers. Students will

learn how to threaten other rappers lives and family members, question

their manhood, and find(or make embarrassing) photos

of rappers and get them to the public. Rappers will learn how to

promote their gang affiliations to seem more credible to the buying

public. Advanced thugs will learn how to actually smack enemies’

children, shoot up their moms houses and fuck their baby mommas.(Black

Rapping School is not responsible for any injuries or deaths that may

occur during rapper’s altercations)

Economics 502

In order to maintain their image rappers must learn how to waste money

on frivolous unnecessary things.. A true rapper must learn how to waste

his money without investing in anything similar to Richard Pryor in Brewster’s millions. Rappers will learn how to buy tacky expensive

jewelry with no resale value, putting unnecessary rims on expensive

cars just to crash them, impregnating multiple hoochies in order to

spend 18 years on child support, and wasting money keeping their

entourages dipped, and once again making it rain . Rappers are

discouraged from investing in their own community or giving to charity

and encouraged to give their money to white, car dealers, liquor

companies, jewelers and high end fashion lines.

Coon history 203

IIn order to be an effective coon, a rapper must know about the history of exploited blacks in entertainment.

A study of minstrel show material will supply rappers with enough

facial expressions, dances and chant-al-long songs to make them big

stars. Students will also study 70’s era Blacksploitation movies for

pimp fashion tips, over the top gansterism, and stereotypical black

thug images to emulate.


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