Black Sheep Returning To Rap Game

Rapper Dres and producer/DJ

Mr. Lawnge are returning to the Hip-Hop scene with a new album, 8WM.

According to Dres, re-entering the game is just another chance

at furthering the Black Sheep legacy and continuing their success.

In 1991, Black Sheep released their seminal debut "A Wolf

in Sheep's Clothing," which reached #30 on the Billboard charts and ended

up selling over a million records.

The album spawned two massive singles, “The Choice is

Yours” and “Flavor of the Month.”

"Our record plays in a party everyday of the year...a lot

of artists can't say that," Dres said of his previous hits. "If we

were to get paid for every time our album was played, we would be millionaires."

Guests on the album include Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Kwame, Dinky

Bingham, Vitmain D, Bean One and others.

To commemorate their entrance back into the Hip-Hop scene, the

duo will appear at the Knitting Factory on July 5th as a part of the Discipline


Joining Black Sheep on stage will be Medina Green, Tom Chase,

Dirty Nichols and others.

Tickets for the Discipline Series event are $10 in advance and

$12 at the door. Doors open at 10pm.

Black Sheep will also be hitting the road with De La Soul beginning

July 18.

To listen to new

tracks you can visit