Bleu DaVinci Speaks On BMF, Rick Ross, and Helping The Youth

(AllHipHop News) While at SXSW in Austin this weekend Black Mafia Family affiliate Bleu DaVinci spoke with the Sway in The Morning show about a range of topics including what's next for the rapper and Big Meech's reaction to Rick Ross' hit single "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" where the Miami rapper compared himself to the convicted drug trafficker and founder of BMF Entertainment.

According to DaVinci, Meech (born Demetrius Flenory) saw the Ross line, "I think I'm Big Meech," as a way of paying homage.

DaVinci says after contacting Meech about the single, both of whom were imprisoned at the time, Meech relayed a message back to him that he was a fan of the song and loved the fact that his name could be heard on the radio.

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The "B.M.F." song ignited an ongoing feud between former collaborators and labelmates Ross and Young Jeezy. Jeezy had been a longtime associate of Meech and BMF, and he apparently took offense to Ross' use of the moniker. He eventually released a response record over the same beat- "Death Before Dishonor."

Jeezy has a line on the track where he says:

This one's for Baby Bleu/How you blowin money fast, you don’t know the crew? Oh you part of the fam, shit I never knew

The reference to Bleu in "Death Before Dishonor" was back in 2010, since then DaVinci and the entire BMF crew have had a falling out with Jeezy. He told Power 105.'s The Breakfast Club in early 2012 that BMF has issues with Jeezy now for not assisting with Meech's lawyer fees but still claiming to be a part of Black Mafia Family.

As far as Ross shouting out BMF, DaVinci told Sway that he doesn't feel anyone should have been offended by his ode to Big Meech.

"I didn't have no issue with it. I don't feel like anybody else should of had an issue with that," says DaVinci. "Whoever can latch onto something we did or we doing and can better themselves from it, make some money, feed their kids, I'm with that."

Bleu also extends his acceptance of others using the BMF brand to grow their own wealth to outside the music world.

"I'm not mad at people that put out books [about B.M.F.], or I'm not mad at people that do documentaries," says Davinci. "As long as you ain't running around doing something stupid and you doing something positive...That's what we made this for."

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Bleu is moving the Black Mafia Family in a more positive direction overall. Since being released from prison he has been giving motivational speeches, sponsoring toy drives, and mentoring young people.

Up next is more music. DaVinci has been in the lab at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta and has already recorded more that 150 songs.

Bleu DaVinci released his mixtape The Davinci Code hosted by DJ Scream in 2012. The project featured guest appearances from Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Pusha T, Bun B, and more.

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