"Bling" Book To Cover Jewelry of Hip-Hop Artists


Reggie Ossa and Gabriel Tolliver are preparing a new book called Bling: The

Hip-Hop Jewelry Book, to be released in Oct.“The

book is basically a look at all things bling. It’s a piece of cultural anthropology,”

co-author Gabriel Tolliver told AllHipHop.com. “Bling is an element of Hip-Hop

culture, and it announces that you’ve arrived.”Bling

will be featured as part of the Black Style Now exzhibit being held at the Museum

of the City of New York from Sept 8th through November.“We

really just wanted to approach our passion for the culture from another angle,”

co-author Reggie Ossa said about the exhibit. “There’s going to be a

panel and book signing and some of the most creative jewelry designers of today.

We’ll have the next generation of Jacobs there, and it will really showcase

what Bling is all about.”The

book, which chronicles the history of jewelry and its significance in Hip-Hop

culture, will feature in-depth profiles of jewels owned by Hip-Hop greats such

as Slick Rick, Jam Master Jay, Lil’ Kim, Tupac, Fifty Cent, Paul Wall, Kanye

West and Fat Joe.“We’re

trying to show the connection to pop culture and Hip-Hop culture and the influences

that are upon us whether we know it or not, and jewelry is one of them,”

Ossa, a former entertainment attorney and MTV vice president told AllHipHop.com.The

book will also profile high-end jewelers like Tito and Manny, Avianne & Co.,

and Arsham A. Salam and display hundreds of pictures of expensive jewelry from

cover to cover.“I

hope that people get an appreciation for what bling is and what it represents

to our culture. It signifies aspiring to the good life through your jewelry, and

hopefully it will convince people to do just that," Tolliver said.Bling:

The Hip-Hop Jewelry Book hits bookstores Oct. 31.