Blitz The Ambassador Headlining's Social Lounge

AllHipHop Staff

Those attending this weekend’s Social Lounge are in for more than just mind stimulating discussion.

The event, presented in conjunction with Hot 97 and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, will also include a performance by Blitz The Ambassador, whose unique take on Hip-Hop has been heralded for its use of live instrumentation.

Though far from a rookie, the Ghanaian-born lyricist, producer and film director garnered a great amount of attention and acclaim this past summer with the August release of his debut album Stereotype.

With production by longtime collaborator Optiks, and music by the Embassy Brass Ensemble, the album was anything but a Hip-Hop Stereotype.

Instead it drew from Blitz’ global upbringing and social awareness as well as his varied musical influences, including Afro-Hop, Progressive Rock, Jazz fusion and Soul.

Blitz and the Embassy Ensemble’s performance will be the punctuation mark on a panel led by co-founder and CEO Chuck Creekmur.

The 6th Annual Social Lounge will engage featured guests Raekwon, Saigon, Immortal Technique, Ras Baraka, Mike Bigga (formerly Killer Mike) and Rosa Clemente into a discussion of a wide range of social and political topics affecting the Hip-Hop community at large.

The event, to be held Saturday (October 17) at 7:30pm EST, will also allow’s national and international readership to join in the conversation by submitting questions via the site’s Twitter page (

"Being a part of AllHipHop/NJPAC Social Lounge with incredible minds like Reakwon, Ras Baraka, Rosa Clemente and Killa Mike is an honor,” Blitz told “Anytime there is open dialogue about the state of Hip-Hop or socio-political issues, there is bound to be some passionate discourse so I am looking forward to a heated debate. I will be closing out the night with my band , The Mighty Embassy Ensemble. Come witness the livest Hip-Hop band as we rip through joints off my debut album Stereotype

The Sixth Annual Social Lounge, presented in conjunction with Hot 97, will be held at NJPAC, located at One Center Street, Newark, NJ.

Tickets are $16.00 and available for purchase at Live performance of Breathe: