Blondie's Debbie Harry Calls Out Wyclef And Lyor Cohen Over Copyright Law Beef

Blondie had a huge impact on hip-hop. And now the group's frontwoman Debbie Harry has some words for Wyclef.

(AllHipHop News) Debbie Harry has slammed Wyclef Jean for lobbying against changes to European copyright law.

The Blondie frontwoman, 73, has joined other musicians to campaign for changes to European Union (EU) copyright law that would make tech giants like Google and their subsidiary YouTube liable for copyright infringement and force them to direct more revenue to artists.

Writing in The Guardian newspaper, Debbie expressed disgust that Wyclef held a press briefing at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, last September.

Criticizing the former Fugees star and former record label boss Lyor Cohen, who joined YouTube in 2016, she wrote: “I have been shocked by some of the people weighing in on their (the tech companies) behalf, especially Lyor Cohen and Wyclef Jean.”

Calling out Clef, she added: “When music is exploited by these dominant digital services for their own gain, it is devastating to creators. And Jean has been in Brussels holding a press conference to argue against the new law, claiming it will restrict musicians’ ability to collaborate and share.”

She accused the pair of, “arguing on behalf of a company helping to take their livelihoods away.”

The changes to the law, which have also been opposed by Paul McCartney, would hold web platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube responsible for infringements, forcing them to check any uploaded videos against a database of copyrighted material to check if it is authorized.

Debbie claimed the new legislation, which is currently being deliberated by the European Parliament, would mean that tech giants could no longer, “avoid paying fairly for music.”