Bob Dylan Told Post Malone To Work On His Lyrics

AllHipHop Staff

A lyrical legend gave Post Malone some "constructive feed" back and the rapper took it to heart.

(AllHipHop News) Up-and-coming rapper Post Malone has been advised by his idol Bob Dylan to work on his lyrics.

The 22-year-old, real name Austin Richard Post, says Bob's grandson played the folk-rock legend his music, who gave him some constructive feedback.

"I'm a big Bob Dylan fan," the hip-hop artist tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "I have a nice Bob Dylan tat(too). He's a genius and I heard that his grandson played my music for him and he liked the music but said I need help with the lyrics."

Last year Bob's lyrics won him the Nobel Prize for Literature, but the rapper doesn't seem to be doing too badly himself.

His latest single "Rockstar," the first from his forthcoming album Beerbongs & Bentleys, has topped the U.K. chart and reached number two on America's Billboard Hot 100 rundown.

Post compares his own style of blending rock and rap with Bob's famous move in 1965 to play an electric rather than acoustic guitar, a decision that outraged folk musicians and fans.

However, he says that on his follow-up to his debut album Stoney he's taken care not to alienate old fans as his idol did.

"I played a lot more guitar on this album," he explains. "I wanted to push boundaries and change the standard of what music is, and it's a genre-less style of music instead of hip-hop.

"Everybody was pissed off when Dylan picked up an electric guitar. But you don't want to alienate people so it's important to take baby steps unless you're trying to piss people off, which sometimes is awesome."