Bobby Digital To Be Player Model For Game


will be joining RZA's alter-ego Bobby Digital as player

models for Atomic Pop's Panic I. The Dr. Atomic vs. the Hitmen

and Panic II: Hostile Takeover games, which are modifications

of the networked games Quake II and Unreal, respectively. The

player models of the four brash female rockers will be available

for download at in conjunction with the online

release of their new single for Atomic Pop, "Freeway"/"Mantra

Down" next week. Atomic Pop's two futuristic games pit players

against a hostile alien race who have invaded the Earth in the

form of a giant music industry conglomerate. A third game, Panic

III: The Big Shakedown, is also in the works. The games are part

of the new online company's effort to be more than just a traditional

record label in promoting and marketing its music. The site also

includes the streaming video of AtomicTV and the special edition

Atomic Comix.