Bodies Of Bambino Gold And Skooly Kee Da Tooly Found

The search is over for missing rapper Bambino Gold, and the saga has ended in tragedy.

(AllHipHop News) The bodies of Bambino Gold and his cousin Skooly Kee Da Tooly were discovered in Macon County, Alabama according to police.

The 29-year-old rapper went missing over 2 weeks ago, until this past Friday (November 17th).

That is when police discovered the bodies of Bambino Gold and Skooly Kee Da Tooly. Both men went missing on November 5th, today after Bambino Gold hosted a party In his hometown of Montgomery.

The next day, the men apparently traveled to the Alabama State Fair, and from there they simply vanished "into thin air," according to Bambino Gold's mother.

That was until the men's bodies were discovered on the side of a road in Macon.

"It looks like somebody placed them there," the sheriff told "I don't think they were killed there."

Police are currently looking for suspects in the crime.

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I don't know who these dudes are or what they died for but Rap is to crucial.


Dude knew he were beefing with niggas in Montgomery..R.I.P him and Lil Phat read between the lines..