Bohagon Leaves Lil Jon's BME Camp

Former Lil Jon protégé Bohagon has moved on from his situation with BME Recordings and Warner Brothers records, the rapper recently revealed to

According to Bohagon, he is currently gearing up for the release of his long delayed debut, to be delivered via his own joint venture with Asylum Records.

First introduced to mainstream audiences via Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz’ 2004 hit "Get Crunk," Bohagon said BME’s delay of his solo project was the primary reason for his renegotiation.

"The way it was situated, my album was gonna come out behind Scrappy’s album," Bohagon told "BME put out Scrap’s album and they ain’t like how Warner Brothers was doing things. Somehow the deal got messed up and BME wanted to part ways with Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers kept me, Scrappy, and E-40. So we just worked out a situation where they offered me to Atlantic and Asylum. I felt I would have a better chance at Asylum."

The new partnership with Asylum establishes a home for Bohagon’s own imprint, Black Cartel, a label he established a little over a year ago with "Freaky Gurl" producer Cyber Sapp.

While Black Cartel prepares the release of Bohagon’s debut Who Am I, Bohagon said he intended to grow the label’s roster over time.

As for his relationship with Lil Jon, Bohagon says that while he has some regrets, he harbors no ill will towards the man who essentially gave him his first break.

"At the end of the day, Imma always be grateful ‘cause he took me out the hood as a little country ass ni**a from South Georgia, and took me around the world," the rapper continued. I wish he woulda been a lot more loyal; I wish he woulda kept it 100 with me. I can’t regret that time [with BME]. For the most part, it was a great learning experience."

Bohagon is currently in Germany, where he launched the promotional tour for Who Am I.

The album, which is due in stores this year, features appearances by Twista, Parlay of the Franchize Boyz and P$C’s Mac Bonney, as well as production by Nitti and Crime Mob producer Lil’ J.