Bone Rapper Layzie Denies Flesh Struck Their Mother: 'That's A Damn Lie'

(AllHipHop News) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony group member Layzie Bone has refuted allegations that his brother Flesh-N-Bone struck their mother with a gun, causing a one inch gash on her head. Flesh, born Stanley Howse, was arrested on Sunday (March 28) during Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s highly anticipated reunion concert in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. It was the first time he had been in the city in twelve years. The celebration was short lived, as police arrested Flesh on ten-year-old warrants for domestic violence and felonious assault. "That's a damn lie," Layzie told The Plain Dealer today (March 30) during an interview. "My brother never struck my mother. "I was right there. What happened was, some dudes walked up and were hating on us, and my mother got in the middle of it. She was trying to protect her children. And then they're gonna say my brother hit my mother -- c'mon, man. We aren't barbaric.”Their mother, Pamela Howse, was actually at the show watching her sons perform. The drama caused her to have an anxiety attack, resulting in her hospitalization. Layzie, 35, denied that his brother knew of the arrest warrants and denied having previous knowledge that the police were planning to arrest his 36-year-old brother. He also questioned why they decided to do it during their reunion show at the House of Blues, one of the most anticipated dates on their 34-city outing. “They did their job and obeyed the law, as well as we did. We knew them guys. We went to school with 'em. We went to school with the police, man,” Layzie told the Plain Dealer. “But why did they let us go onstage if we couldn't finish the show? That was disrespectful. To say Flesh was trying to run -- run where?"