Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Off Ruthless, Working On New LP & Deal

After spending almost

10 years on Eazy E's Ruthless Records, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are officially off

the label and are actively seeking a record deal.

"Most of the

time we were on Ruthless, we were unhappy," Krayzie Bone told

"We said we would do one more album with them and if they didn't market

it and promote it, it would be the end of our careers."

According to Krayzie,

the issues started after Eazy-E passed away in 1995 and the company was turned

over to his wife, Tomika Woods-Wright.

"If Eazy were

still alive, our careers and Ruthless would have taken a whole different direction,"

Krayzie continued. "He was a visionary, that's why he had so much success

with his label. That's the problem, there was no vision over there."

And according to

Bone, it was that lack of vision and contractual disputes that kept their careers

on ice and prevented them from even releasing solo efforts.

"She had our

solo deals, she had this and that. If we got deals for it she woulda got broke

off. N*ggas was at the point where we wasn't trying to pay this b*tch for sh*t

she didn't do."

After a meeting

regarding their next album ended up in another contractual dispute, Woods-Wright

simply offered to let the group go.

"Our fans

may have thought it was us, but it wasn't us at all, it was label bullsh*t.

Now that we are free, we feel like we felt when we first came into the game.

We are ready to run with it."

And that positive

momentum is something Krayzie said the group seeks to keep.

He said there was

no animosity towards former group member Bizzy Bone, but they didn't want to

do anything to bring any unnecessary issues into their group.

"Bizzy is

doing his thing. If we bring any old problems, it's like being signed to Ruthless.

Our whole career has been Krazy, Lazy and Wish. Bizzy hasn't really showed up

for anything, except when it benefited him."

The group has recorded

over 30 songs for their next untitled album and is actively seeking a home for

their next project.

The group is in

talks with Arista, Universal and other labels at the present time.