Boosie Claims Security Guard Maced His Cousin; Caused Twins To Be Born Premature

AllHipHop Staff

Boosie has filed a lawsuit against Dillard's in Mississippi, claiming a security guard went nuts for no reason.

(AllHipHop News) Legal issues continue to plague rapper Boosie.

Boosie recently filed a lawsuit against Dillard's, claiming he was accosted by an overaggressive off-duty Biloxi Police Department officer, for no reason.

The incident in question happened on April 9, at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Boosie wanted to engage local fans and supporters, so he went to purchase some goods for the local community at the mall.

Boosie claims he was browsing through Dillard's in search of some Polo gear in the men's section when he was confronted by the plainclothes Biloxi Police Department officer who was working on behalf of Dillard's.

The lawsuit claims that the officer demanded Boosie leave the store for no good reason and when the rapper protested, the officer sprayed Boosie "in his face and upper body with Mace. The unknown officer also referred to [Boosie] in derogatory terms, including calling him a ni##er."

The security guard also sprayed Boosie's pregnant cousin for good measure.

According to the lawsuit, shortly after Boosie's cousin was hit with the mace, she began having contractions.

Unfortunately, she claims the incident caused her to give premature birth to her twins, and as a result, both children suffer from cardiac, respiratory and other issues related to the assault.

Boosie is suing for negligence, liability and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Earlier this week, Boosie got some bad news, when his brother was let off the hook for allegedly stealing $361,000 from his Capital One bank account.

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Sounds like they were profiling Boosie, what a brother can't shop? Years ago my brother and his boys would go in Macys and plainclothes security would follow them around, well they had a white boy in their crew and he would go a different direction. My brother and the rest of the crew were just decoys so that the white boy could steal everything, then they would all split the goods.