Bouncer Says C-Murder Guilty of Killing Teen


The murder trial of Corey "C-Murder" Miller has begun with prosecutors utilizing the testimony of a bouncer present the night of the homicide.

by Ismael AbduSalaam and c-murder


The witness, Darnell Jordan Sr., testified that C-Murder shot 16 year old Steve Thomas at Harvey's Platinum Club while more than 15 members of Miller's entourage battered him.

Jordan verified that he did not see the murder weapon in the rapper's hand. However, he elaborated that he saw the muzzle flash at the end of C-Murder's arm when it was directed at the victim.

Jordan said that the flashe from C-Murder's arm came as the teen was on his back. At the time of his murder, Thomas allegedly outstretched his arms in Miller's direction in hopes of dissuading the fatal attack.

Miller defense attorney Ron Rakosky argued that Jordan's testimony isn't reliable based on "coercive tactics" used by the prosecution. Jordan was an important witness in the first trial, but prosecutors withheld his criminal record.

Additionally, the prosecution team arrested Jordan as a material witness to force him to testify in this trial. Prosecutor David Wolff defended the ruling, stating the majority of the witnesses had been threatened by associates of Miller, and were afraid to testify.

"Witnesses in this case have been threatened", Wolff revealed to reporters outside the courtroom. "Witnesses in this case fear for their safety".

Jordan himself testified that he was fearful of the ramifications from his testimony, and admitted to first lying about who carried out the killing. "Who are you scared of?" Wolff inquired. "C-Murder", Jordan responded.

"I grabbed C-murder and told him to chill out. He tried to weasel his way in. And when he did, gunshots, no, one gunshot" Miller stuck his hand under the pile. That's when I saw the muzzle flash.

Yesterday (August 5), the murdered teen's father testified that his son was a huge No Limit fan, and his bedroom walls were plastered with posters of Master P, Slikk the Shocker, and C-Murder at the time of his death.

If convicted of the second-degree murder charge, Corey ''C-Murder" Miller faces a life sentence.