Bow Wow Launches New Label, Crew

Rapper/actor Bow Wow is exploring his entrepreneurial side by launching a new record label.

Bow Wow, who hit the music industry at the tender age of five, hopes to recreate the magic that propelled him to superstar status with his first artist, 13-year-old Young Jinsu.

"I'm passing the Lil Bow Wow torch to Jinsu," Bow Wow said. "This Bow Wow movement with teenagers, girls and kids goes back to Jermaine being a mentor, father figure and learning from him and watching him for the past seven years."

Young Jinsu, a 13-year-old, Rhode Island based rapper is part of Bow Wow's label/crew, The LB Dub Gang.

"This is my crew," said of his crew, which includes Clee-O, an 18 year old actor/rapper who has already been featured alongside Bow Wow in Roll Bounce and The Rock in Walking Tall.

"Jermaine has blessed me with the ability to do what I do and he's given me my shot into the industry," Bow Wow continued. "So now it's my turn to give blessings back to other people that also have the opportunity to do bigger and better things. It's only right to push your people forward."

Bow Wow recently released his fifth studio album The Price of Fame, which spawned the hit single "Shortie Like Mine" featuring Chris Brown.

Bow Wow's second single "Outta My System" is being serviced to media outlets nationwide.