Bow Wow Sent To Jail After Fight With A Woman In Atlanta

Super Bowl weekend took a turn for the worst for Bow Wow.

**(AllHipHop News) Super Bowl weekend got off to a bad start for rapper Bow Wow.

According to reports, Bow Wow was busted in Atlanta after he got into a fight with a woman.

The cops were called to a house in midtown Atlanta around 4:15 a.m. this morning.

Police arrived and found Bow Wow and a woman named Leslie Holden with minor injuries, after a physical altercation.

Police charged Bow Wow and Holden with battery, since they have not been able to identify the aggressor.

The rapper is currently behind bars on $8,000 bond.

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Bow Wow, Gary Coleman and Skee-Lo walk into a bar......


Now Bow wow gon say shit like "a man I ain't going bac to jail that's on piru lmao