Bow Wow Signs To Cash Money

AllHipHop Staff

Lil Bow Wow has officially signed to Cash Money Records, the rapper revealed Sunday night.

The rapper made the admission via his Twitter page with a simple message that read, “BOW WOW SIGNS TO CASH MONEY.”

The rapper then took to a live stream where he talked further about the deal.

“Its the triple threat Bow, Wayne, Drake. Its about to be real stupid.”

“Any Bow Wow fan that I let down..what I am getting ready to do, I got y'all. I apologize to the fans that I let down. It’s finna to go down. Its on now, baby. Me, Drake and Weezy…lets get to the money.”

Bow Wow, once signed to Sony Records, had strongly considered retiring from music for an acting career. He did say that he was finishing a movie with Ice Cube, but would start on his Cash Money debut right after wrapping the film.

Now the rapper said he will be in the studio for 40 hours a week recording new material.

The rapper had been hinting on the move, but had made no official confirmation.

“I appreciative everybody’s appreciation,” he said.

One of the the last person Bow Wow told of the finalized deal was his mother, which whom he shared the new via his live stream. "He was driving me nuts. He had be stressed out and I don't even stress she said. One good thing about it is that's a blessing. At least you had a choice. I think its hot," his mother will give more updates as this news unfurls.