Bow Wow Stays Busy, Hopes To Make It To The NBA

With a single riding the charts and a new album

on the way, Bow Wow is gearing up to hit the road on the "Unleashed Tour"

and getting ready for a busy summer.

"The Unleashed tour is going to be crazy,"

Bow Wow told "I’m just gonna try to make my tours better

and better each year and I must say, this one right here is gonna be hot."

In addition to finishing "The Johnson Family

Vacation" that stars Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Solange Knowles

and Vanessa Fox (formerly Vanessa Williams), the teenager is preparing a new

film, "Mr. President," inked a deal with Warner Brothers for an upcoming

sit-com and would like to make it to the NBA.

"I’ve been having second guesses on

college, because I’m too busy right now," Bow Wow continued. "I

was thinking about it. I definitely want to pursue my goals and go to the NBA.

So if I want to go to the NBA, I know I have to go to college."

And Bow Wow does appear to be busy. He recently

launched a clothing line, Shago (which is a derivative of his real name, Shad

Gregory Moss) and is preparing to release his third album, Unleashed,

which hits stores August 19.