Bow Wow, The Game Battle For 100k Tonight

West Coast rap star The Game and fellow rapper Bow Wow will finally see who the better video gamer is as they prepare to go head to head in a game of Madden NFL ‘09.

The meeting is scheduled to take place tonight [September 5] from 6 to 8 p.m. at a secret location.

The showdown comes weeks after Bow Wow issued a one on one challenge for $100,000 to the Game in August, in response to claims the Compton lyricist’s made on about being the top Madden player in the world.

The pair’s rivalry resulted in a series of online videos that featured the rappers taking shots at one another, while hyping their skills.

For Bow Wow, the match up couldn’t come any sooner.

"I can't wait to play! I've been waiting, Game’s been waiting, the video game world’s been waiting,” Bow Wow told in a statement. “The only bad thing is Game’s fans are gonna have to see him lose! I’ma play with the Bengals, Ohio all day, gotta represent for the state! Like Michael Buffer says -- let’s get ready to rumble!"

Despite Bow Wow’s boasts, the Game is confident he will come out on top.

"Bow Wow has no idea what he’s started," The Game retorted. "He’s in way over his head….I will remain the undisputed Madden king."

The Game/Bow Wow showdown will mirror a highly-anticipated boxing match as the rappers kick off the event with a weigh-in ceremony, before engaging each other on Xbox 360.

The contest will act as the first of many celebrity battle planned by Hip-Hop gaming company Konsole Kingz.