Boxer Daniel Franco Sues Roc Nation And Jay-Z Over Brain Injury

AllHipHop Staff

For almost three years, Daniel Franco has claimed Jay left him hanging. Now he's suing the rap star.

(AllHipHop News) Boxer Daniel Franco has finally decided to Jay-Z and Roc Nation over claims they abandoned him after he was severely wounded during a boxing match.

Franco claims Jay-Z and Roc Nation booked him to fight three times within 79 days, and during the last fight of his career, Franco was knocked out by Jose Haro.

The blow resulted in a traumatic brain injury and left him comatose for two weeks, with bleeding on his brain.

Franco said Roc Nation left him "out there to dry" after his injury, which left him over $200,000 in debt.

The lawsuit is seeking an undisclosed amount.

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Damn Jay & Company, I have heard of club level pro fighters fighting once a month early in their careers in order to pad a resume' but 3 times in 79 days? That is insane I wonder what boxing organization sanctioned that shitz, no wonder dude got hurt.

I understand that Jay may not have direct involvement in how the day to day operations are ran, but when you put your name on the front then you are ultimately responsible for what your underlings do...

End Result: Jay pay the man, if not it makes Roc-Nation look bad... Real Talk...