Boy Swallows 'Grillz', Only One Way To Pass Them

A 7-year-old boy in Sanford, Florida was rushed to a local emergency room last week after choking on and swallowing a pair of "grillz" his mother had purchased for him at a local flea market.

According to Orlando's WKMG local channel 6, Bobby Tedesco, 7, was wearing a pair of $10 knockoff "grillz," which are commonly sold in in flea markets and malls across the country.

Tedesco's mother, Dawn, said the grill popped off the boy's teeth and he swallowed it and started to choke on the piece of metal.

She attempted to clear the boy's throat, but somehow, he managed to swallow the grillz.

The grillz have remained in Bobby's stomach for over three days and doctors say there is only one way to pass them.

Ms. Tedesco said that she regretted purchasing the cheaply made grillz, which are supposed to be molded and placed over the teeth.

"I think everybody should know (not to) buy them. Don't do it," Tedesco said.