Boyfriend Of Mick Jagger’s Daughter Assaults Suge Knight's Son's Lover

Suge Knight son Andrew's boyfriend was involved in a violent altercation.

(AllHipHop News) The boyfriend of Mick Jaggers daughter, Georgia May Jagger, is being held by police after a violent assault.

According to reports, rapper and model Norman Nocky Theuerkorn was at the Blind Dragon in West Hollywood in August when he allegedly approached two men.

One was model Andrew Knight, who claims to be Suge Knights son, and his boyfriend, Darren Young.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that Norman left then returned, punching Darren so hard in the head, he fell and suffered a nasty gash on his head that led to internal bleeding.

Ultimately, Darren had to undergo brain surgery.

Norman, who has previously served time in prison for burglary and theft, reportedly turned himself and was booked for felony battery causing serious bodily injury.

The last time Andrew Knight made headlines was when Lindsay Lohan accused him of framing her for stealing $100,000 worth of watches.

Knight denied the claims and was never charged in the incident.

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This is the dumbest headline I've ever seen on this site. Honestly. The dumbest. So sad.


Jesus Christ... this feels like a new low for AllHipHop... someone famous had a daughter.. her boyfriend assaulted some dude, who claims to be a famous piece of shits son. Is there really anyone who cares about this?