Brawl Erupts at Missy B-Day Party

Missy Elliott’s joyous 37th birthday party at the NYC Marquee nightclub was interrupted by a wild brawl involving former Making the Band choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson and makeup artist Deborah Padilla.

The problems began when a waitress, seeking to get close to MC Busta Rhymes, allegedly shoved Gibson

“The waitress got into it with the makeup artist, then fists flew,” a witness told The New York Post. “There were people crying, bottles flying and Missy trying to get out of there. It was pandemonium.”

The waitress subsequently filed charges claiming she was “hit above the eye” during the melee.

Padilla was charged with assault and arrested.

A close friend of Missy Elliott, Gibson is known for her tough, no-nonsense attitude on the Making the Band series, and recently releasing an instructional dance video entitled Breakin’ It Down.

Deborah Padilla recently contributed makeup work to the reality series Living Lohan.

Representatives for Marquee nightclub have declined to comment on the matter.