Breaking News: C-Murder Granted New Trial, Could Be Free Monday

Corey "C-Murder" Miller, younger brother

of mogul Master P, has been granted a new trial after being convicted last year

of shooting a teenager to death in a Jefferson Parish night club.

New Orleans State District Judge Martha Sassone

ruled today (April 6) that Miller deserves a new trial because prosecutors withheld

information about key witnesses that were used to implicate Miller.

Miller's attorney's argued that prosecutors failed

to disclose that key witnesses had criminal records and were given special consideration

for their testimony.

"He got dealt a bad hand," Master P

told "[The] reality is gonna come out because there is a

man up above. That situation with C-Murder could happen to anyone one of us.

You are an innocent man and you are going through what C is going through -

he's a soldier. He's definitely a strong person because the average person would

have broke down."

Miller was convicted in September of the shooting

death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas in the Platinum night club. Miller pled not

guilty to the shooting.

In December at a hearing for the retrial, a

woman that was a key prosecution witness during the murder trial testified that

she did not see Miller shoot the boy, but said she witnessed another man with

a gun moments before the shooting.

Eloise Matthews testified under oath that she

stood on a chair and witnessed Miller beating Thomas, but fell and did not witness

the shooting.

Matthews claimed that just before the shooting,

she witnessed another man known as "Calliope Slim" with a gun.

Matthews testified she told Jefferson Parish

detectives before the trial about "Calliope Slim," who takes his moniker

from the same projects that reared Miller, his older brother Master P. and their

youngest brother Silkk The Shocker.

When asked why she didn't reveal this information

during the trial, Matthews said that no one asked her.

Matthews said that Detective Donald Clogher cleared

her parking tickets and an arrest warrant out for her friend Tenika Rankins

on felony theft charges was lifted.

Rankins' criminal record and the clearing of

tickets were withheld from the defense, which defense attorney's said cast doubt

on their credibility and the prosecutions case.

Miller is facing a mandatory sentence of life

without parole in prison.

The rapper will have a hearing on Monday that

will determine whether or not he will be freed on bond.