Breaking News: Dr. Dre Releases Bishop Lamont From Aftermath

AllHipHop Staff

Bishop Lamont has been released or dropped from Aftermath Records, the label founded by Dr. Dre.

At press time, the reason for the severance was unknown, but the separation occurred Thursday or Friday, according to sources.

While there is significant speculation, insiders said that Lamont did not see the move coming.

There as been no statement or official response from Lamont, Dr. Dre or Aftermath.

Bishop Lamont, real name Phillip Martin, signed to Dre's Aftermath Records in 2005 after meeting the iconic producer in the set of a video shoot. Lamont had been one of Dr. Dre's most ardent supporters and often served as the reclusive producer's mouthpiece.

Lamont does not presently have a recording home, but rumors have already begun to circulate that he has been courted by 50 Cent and his G-Unit Records. There has been nothing to substantiate those rumors at press time.