BREAKING NEWS: Jam Master Jay Shot And Killed

Legendary DJ Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC was shot

in the head and killed in a studio in Queens, New York. According to sources,

Jay was shot and killed when men entered the studio he was in and shot him.

Police said that Jay was shot and killed inside

of a studio on Merrick Boulevard around 7:30 PM. A second victim was shot and

killed in the leg, but that person has not been identified. Authorities suspect

that Jay knew his assassin. Police stated that Jay buzzed two men up to the

second-floor studio shortly before shots were fired in the lounge. Police have

made no arrests.

"I had just rapped to Jay," Grouchy

Greg of said. "You all have to realize what a huge loss this

is for hip-hop and for music in general. This is such a sad day. He was working

on bringing out new groups and working with the Scratch Academy. This is so

sad. His family members are still paging me using his 2way. I can't believe


"Run-DMC were the beatles of hip-hop,"

Chuck D said. Rappers and executives gathered in the rain where Jam Master Jay

was slain. Jay's 15 year old son took solace in the arms of Lyor Cohen, now

the Chairman of Island Def Jam. "I really can't believe this has happened,"

Cohen said. Cohen helped take Run-DMC to international fame, joining with Rush

Management and later working with Russell Simmons to create Def Jam.

In a statement to, hip-hop monthly

The Source said: "The Source is deeply saddened by the tragic death of

Jam Master Jay of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC. Jam Master Jay brought

the art form of turntablism to the forefront of hip-hop music. For close to

20 years he along with Run and DMC, helped to inspire fans and artists alike.

Run DMC were scheduled to perform Thursday (Oct.

31) as part of the half-time show at a Washington Wizards home game in Washington,


Jay was preparing to release his latest group,

Rusty Waters. Jay also helped discover Onxy.

Jay, born Jason Mizell, was one of the founders

of a group that broke down the barriers for hip-hop, being the first rap group

to get played on MTV and one of the first black artists that the network gave

airtime to.

All three grew up in Hollis Queens. The group

was managed by Russell Simmons, who formed Rush Management. Under Russell's

management the group signed a deal with Profile Records and proceeded to make

hip-hop history.