BREAKING NEWS: Man Arrested For Murder Of Chinx Drugz

AllHipHop Staff

A man has been arrested in New York and charged with killing Chinx Drugz.

(AllHipHop News) Two suspects have been arrested And charged with the murder of Coke Boys rapper, Chinx Drugz.

Chinx, born Lionel Pickens, was just 31-years-old when he was gunned down in May of 2015, as he sat in a Porsche on Queens Boulevard.

Earlier today (December 14), a 32-year-old man named Quincy Homere was arrested in New York and charged with Chinx's murder.

A second suspect named Jamar Hill, 26, was also arrested and charged with murder.

Investigators say the beef started over a phone on Rikers Island, where both men were incarcerated.

One of the men was a jealous an aspiring rapper, who decided to hunt "Chinx like an animal" over the dispute.

The shooting also injured Coke Boys member Yemen Cheese, who was a passenger in the Porsche.

In addition to one count of second degree murder each, both men face assault, criminal possession of a weapon and attempted second-degree murder charges.

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Chinx had bright on bla k crime is played out...sad


Dang jealousy is a bitch, then you marry one.... SMH