Breaking News: Soulja Slim’s Cousin, New Orleans Rapper Twelve A ‘Klok Murdered

Rapper Twelve A’Klok the cousin of late rapper Soulja Slim was found shot to death on a street in New Orleans on Monday (August 2nd).

(AllHipHop News) Twelve A’Klok, born Argell White, was a founding member of the record label Cut Throat Committee group/record label, along with his relative Soulja Slim and rappers Re-Nitty, Doubla Crossa and Logga Black. According to the New Orleans’ Times-Picayune, a newspaper deliverer found Twelve A’Klok laying on the ground bleeding, with multiple gunshot wounds to his back on Monday morning just after 5:00 AM.White was pronounced dead on the scene according to police. Police named Twelve A’Klok a suspect of interest in the disappearance of an unnamed, aspiring rapper in New Orleans, although he was never charged with a crime in connection to the case.As an artist on the Cut Throat Committy record label, Twelve A’Klok released albums like Listen Man, Cold Case, The Devil’s Rejects, Lost 2 The World and others. Rapper Soulja Slim, born James Tapp Jr., was gunned down November 26th 2003, in New Orleans.