Breeding Ground Pick: G Milla "DMT"

The saying “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” resonates for young rapper, G Milla. Always a rebellious, kid, G was kicked out of his house on several occasions and spent much of his time bouncing from couch to couch.

Being raised on the streets of Toronto and often having to fend for himself, he found solace and consistency in music, with major influences stemming from MF Doom, Nas and The Doors to name a few. It wasn’t long before G Milla hit the lowest point of his life. With nowhere to live, no real sense of family, and facing difficulty with addiction, he decided to make a change for the better. Rapping and writing came easy, provided therapy and allowed G to realize his full potential. Since recording his music in studio, he has appeared on multiple blogs and performed at local shows.

Download his newly released mixtape 'Inner City.'