Breeding Ground Pick: J Money - The Medication


Atlanta rapper, J Money, formerly known as J Futuristic, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 5, 1985. He was one of four children raised in a single-parent home in the projects. During his youth he was in and out of trouble and detentions centers.

He first got started as a rapper with the Black Migo Gang group, which included Future and Young Scooter. J is known for his hit, First Name, Last Name. Last year he was shot six times while preparing a video shoot for his new single Hold Up. The gunfire came without warning. J was shot in his calf, arm, back and leg. "[They] just started coming from everywhere," he told RapFix. "Like a hundred shots. It just came from everywhere, man. It was crazy. It was a nightmare."

J, who changed his name in 2008, felt that his new single, "Hold Up," was a potential turning point in his career as it underscored his mindset of separating his music from the streets. J takes his survival as a sign of God’s way to develop his character. He feels he is called to keep going with his music. "I'm here for music, so that's what I'm going to do till I die. And God ain't ready for me to die," he said. "I just want to touch people through my music and put out a positive message."

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