Breeding Ground Pick: The Kid Daytona [#BGA]: Savoir Faire

AllHipHop Staff

Its been said that NYC is the melting pot of the world, the "mecca" of all types of people, culture, lifestyle, food, art and expression. But when you're fortunate enough to travel the world, exploration of life can be redefined.

The Kid Daytona's travels overseas have created his ongoing love affair with Europe, and this summer specifically with Paris.

"When you think about it NYC and Paris have often shared excellent legacy in Art, Food, History, Fashion, and Lifestyle equally so for me being there felt natural. I feel right at home and it makes me want to right/record about it" - The Daytona.

Now with new friendships and alliances, in winter of 2013 he decided to work with french-clothing brand, "SpaceMonkeys" on a music-lifestyle project called "Savoir Faire".

The Kid Daytona wanted to make a music project that combined a fresh new fashion lifestyle and his musical wave, with people who wanted to do something. The entire project features musical production with french music producers and artists with Daytona and american music artists, such as IAM, Alpha Wann (1995), Just Music Beats, OneUpWorld, Raekwon, Smoke DZA, Ricky Blaze and others.

The music, videos, the imagery and even some limited merchandise, all blends perfectly with one another showing that balance between new fashion, music and lifestyle between NYC and Paris with contemporary and modern tones.

Listen/Download "Savoir Faire"