Breeding Ground Spotlight: T.Cash 'Fishscale 2'

A product of Dallas, Texas by way of Midwest, T.Cash is a musical powerhouse to be reckoned with Fishscale 2, a riveting account of what this street legend has had to endure, while making his way to the top. Though the path has been rough, his smooth demeanor camouflages any sign that he’s been on his musical journey close to a decade.

Throughout this project, T.Cash showcases his lyrical versatility, as he so effortlessly spits clever punch-lines and ad-libs on each track. His newest single

“Whole Hood Wit Me”

This track embodies the true meaning of hip-hop/trap music. He exudes confidence while boasting via the songs hook,

“My name rings bells / you know who run the city /come-on it ain’t hard to tell / got the whole hood wit me.”

T.Cash has waited patiently for his time to showcase his ability and talents, and his time is now. Check out his latest project, Fishscale 2, and let us know what you think.

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