Brisco Hits The Road; Talks Rick Ross, Lil Wayne Collabos

(AllHipHop News) Florida rapper Brisco recently spoke with about his recent tour, his interaction with his fans and upcoming projects with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. “[I] just came off the second stage of the promo tour, just finished the midwest, then we did that East coast,” Brisco told in an exclusive interview. “Man it was like 20 cities on the first phase. We started in New York, New Jersey and worked our way down to the Carolinas, DC, Philly, every time I woke up we were in a different spot.”

While he has a solid fan base in the south, Brisco is looking to expand to other states and regions with this tour, as the third leg of the tour begins and will take the Florida rapper out West.

“You know a lot of people just love Brisco, just love that voice and the name, but never saw me," Brisco told "You know what I’m saying? So that’s what I am doing now, is just putting a face with the name and my groundwork has just been so explosive and I’m very experienced, that I guess people were just overwhelmed to see me.”

In addition to the work on his latest project Street Medicine, Brisco talked about his work with Rick Ross and their recent record “Lonely Road."

“Me and Ross have done so many records, and I just always had the records in the kinnel just chillin, and I’m like lets just open the flood gates on this Rick Ross and Brisco stuff here. You gonna here me do a lot of features with your favorite rappers,” Brisco stated.

“That “Lonely Road” record is a record we just did chillin’. Just a regular record, just down to earth, one of those 10 o’clock in the morning I come to his house we just do that record. It’s a regular, just down to reality, its some we aint too rich, but still hood s**t.”

Brisco was also looking forward to reuniting with Lil Wayne, who is featured on their latest single "On the Wall."

"Free Lil’ Wayne before I proceed. That’s the campaign right now, I can wait till he gets home," Brisco stated. "I just got a bunch of records, like plethora of records that I have to get it to the world, get out to the masses, like songs with all your favorite rappers."