Brisco Promises "Revenge" For Barbershop Robbery

AllHipHop Staff

Opa-Locka, Florida rapper Brisco released a track titled “Revenge” which addresses an incident last Wednesday (July 29), when the rapper was robbed at the Player’s Choice Barbershop in Miami.

Sources close to Brisco revealed he is releasing a new mixtape titled Revenge next Saturday (August 15).

The mixtape comes on the heels of the robbery, which occurred after Brisco, born British Mitchell, stopped into Player’s Choice to get a haircut.

Four men with guns drawn stormed the barbershop and coordinated the brazen robbery, relieving Brisco of $35,000 worth of jewelry as well as his Range Rover, which police later recovered.

The rapper, who has recorded with artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Flo Rida and Bryan “Baby” Williams, released a 4:13 track also titled “Revenge” addressing the incident and promising retaliation to the perpetrators of the robbery.

The track starts with samples of a news report and overdubs in Haitian. Brisco fades in, stating “retaliation is a must.”

He speaks directly to the criminals who relieved him of his possessions, including his Range Rover truck, which was recovered a few blocks away from the barbershop.

“F**k a diamond you can have the gold/don’t want it back young n***a rather have your soul” and later “I can’t help that I’m the golden child/They set me up to lay me down/I want revenge now/

The second half of the verse is directed at the unarmed suspect who was in the barbershop prior to the robbery.

Police want to question the man, because he placed a call just before the robbery and was the only one the bandits allowed to leave.

Towards the end of his last verse, Brisco threatens to put a $20,000 bounty on each one of the men’s heads.

“Guess what? Them n***as was Haitian. So I had to find another way to talk to them,” Brisco said before a rapper directs a threatening verse in French.

Police are still seeking the four suspects who committed the crime and the fifth man, who may have helped coordinate the robbery.

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