Brisco To Use Robbery as Album Inspiration

AllHipHop Staff

Miami rapper Brisco remains in good spirits after video hit cyberspace showing him being robbed of jewelry totaling over $35,000.

The theft occurred in a Miami barbershop following a Brisco photo shoot. The surveillance clip shows four armed men rush the entrance, and force everyone in the store to lie face down.

Brisco then became the main target, and was relieved of several jewelry items along with the keys to his Range Rover.

When asked about the attack, the Opa-locka native expressed gratitude that the incident did not turn fatal, and emphasized that he will replace every accessory lost with more expensive jewelry.

“I’m still alive, you know that street medicine is going to be good,” Brisco told local news reporters. “I’m still good. I’ll get bigger jewelry and still go hard. It’s great material for my next album.”

In light of the recent robbery and murder of boxing champion Vernon Forrest in his Atlanta hometown, much debate has occurred about whether local celebrities should remain distant from their urban environments.

Brisco dismisses that stance, and declared that he intends to remain an ambassador for his region.

“I still rep the streets of Miami, still rep the streets of Dade County hard and international,” he stated.

In addition, the Florida rapper clarified that he was not physically harmed by his robbers.

“Contrary to some reports, I was not assaulted in the robbery that took place...” Brisco said in a prepared statement. “It was a random robbery of a barbershop I was in and it really is just a case of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” At press time, the four thieves remain at large.