Britian Spoof Rapper Ali G. Is Coming To America

Britain spoof rapper Ali

G., best known to American audiences for his appearance in Madonna's

"Music" video, recently landed a deal with HBO. According to sources,

his American show will be a version of "Da Ali G." show. The U.K.'s

Channel 4 is currently negotiating a deal with HBO to allow them to broadcast

the show in the U.K. as well.

Ali G. is the creation of Sacha Baron Cohen,

a Cambridge educated comedian. The Ali G. character is such a hit in Europe

that it has spawned a full length feature film, "Ali G In DA House,"

and a book.

Some of Britain's black comedians aren't that

thrilled with the Ali G. character Cohen has created. "I find both him

and his material quite offensive," British comedian Curtis Walker said.

"I don't like the idea of a white guy playing a black guy anyway and when

he is playing to a stupid stereotype it is even worse."

"A lot of the humor is laughing at black

street culture and it is being celebrated because it allows the liberal middle

classes to laugh at that culture in a context where they can retain their sense

of political correctness," European TV star Felix Dexter told BBC news.

Channel 4 defended Ali G. "He is satirizing

the way white kids try to copy the black street culture and look ridiculous.

If it's offensive to anyone, it's offensive to white people," a spokesperson