British Comedian Makes Fun Of Hip-Hop


comedian from Britain,

who has achieved cult status is coming under fire for his portrayal

of Ali G, a take off of a gangsta (cliche, but that is what they

are saying..), who wears in Orange suit, wears big gold chains

and wears a Tommy Hilfiger hat. The comedians real name is Sacha

Baron Cohen, a middle class Jew.

In Britain, race

is a sensitive issue, and Cohen has struck that nerve. He was

named comedian of the year, and now Britain's top black comics

are accusing him of making fun of Black Culture. Curtis Walker

said: ``I don't like the concept of a white guy playing a black

guy and when he is playing a stupid stereotype, it is even worse.''

Felix Dexter agreed: ``It is being celebrated because it allows

the liberal middle classes to laugh at that culture in a safe

context where they can retain their sense of political correctness.''

There is a similar American comic that is always on The Howard

Stern Show, Colt .45ineberg. Neither of the comics acts are really

funny, but judge Ali G for yourself, here is a clip

from the show.