British Film Institute & National Film Theatre Honor Tupac Shaku


rap icon Tupac Shakur will be the subject of a 13-day educational study geared

toward his work in film.The

study, titled Tupac Shakur Reinterpreted, will be presented by the British Film

Institute and National Film Theater. The

event will feature screenings and discussions which will examine Shakur's impact

on rap music and mainstream media culture, as well as his overall influence on


MC's first manager, Leila Steinberg, will appear as well as join coordinator Jacqueline

Springer for an on-stage debate titled "Tupac-The First Icon of Hip-Hop."


discussion will focus on the significance of Shakur's legacy.Films

that will be screened include Shakur's 1992 feature debut Juice as well

as his final performance in the dark comedy Gridlock'd. The documentaries

Tupac Resurection, Biggie and Tupac and Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel will

also be shown.The

event, presented in association with the Contemporary Black Music Culture, comes

as fans mark the 10th anniversary of Shakur's death. The

lyricist was 25 when he was died September 13, 1996 from fatal wounds sustained

in a still-unsolved drive-by shooting. Rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding

the slaying have run rampant since.Tupac

Shakur Reinterpreted will run Sept. 15-28. Tickets are £3.00. Contributions

to the event will be used to form part of the Tupac retrospective 'Digital Wallpaper'

and feature in the debate.For

more information of the event, visit