British Gay Activist Seeks To Prosecute Elephant Man, Beenie Man And Bountie Killer

A British gay activist

is demanding the arrest of Elephant Man, Beenie Man and Bountie Killer, claiming

that British law allows officials to prosecute singers who encourage violence

against homosexuals.

Peter Tatchell

and humans rights group Outrage say that Britain authorities have an obligation

to arrest the reggae artists saying that the artists violate the Offences Against

the Person Act.

According to Tatchell,

the three artists use such Jamaican patois slang as "batty man" and

"chi chi man," which are the equivalent of the word "faggot."

Tatchell says that their songs encourage the beating and murder of homosexual


"These reggae

bigots are fueling anti-gay hatred and violence," Tatchell said in a statement.

"The main victims are black lesbians and gay men, both here and in Jamaica."

The human rights

group is also seeking to have charges brought against the artists record labels,

Greensleeves, VP, TVT and others as well as Amazon, HMV and Virgin record stores,

for selling the music.

Tatchell presented

the head of the hate crime unit at New Scotland Yard a 10 page complaint, highlighting

the lyrics from such songs as "Bad Man Chi Chi Man" and "We Nuh

Like Gay."

Officials have

yet to respond to Tatchell's request.