Brooklyn Babylon's Troubles


Babylon, the movie

which stars The Roots own Tariq Trotter, premiered at The Slamdance

Film festival in in the opening slot despite protests by the films

domestic distributor, Artisan Entertainment. the hip-hop love

story ``Brooklyn Babylon'' screened in the event's prime slot

on Saturday anyway.

According to Artisan spokes people

the movie's producer, Off Line Entertainment, was less than thrilled

that the film had been submitted to the Slamdance Film Festival

without their knowledge. Company representatives say the president

of Artisan, Amir Malin, felt the picture was weak and would be

rejected by the Hip-Hop market.

People who were in attendance said

that while the film was less than stellar, Mr. Trotter performed

beyond expectations and confirmed that should he want one, a long

acting career is ahead of him.