Brother Of Man Connected To Lil Boosie Murder Case Charged With Witness Intimidation

(AllHipHop News) The brother of a man accused of killing six people, including Baton Rogue rapper Chris "Nussie" Jackson, has been jailed since mid-June, for allegedly threatening to kill a witness involved with the case. Derrick Louding, 22, was charged with witness intimidation, after he showed up at a woman's house and told her sister that he would shoot the house up until the occupants were dead. He then allegedly brandished two fully loaded firearm magazines. According to Baton Rogue's The Advocate, Louding told the woman he was upset about his "boy being locked up."Derrick Louding is the brother of a 17-year-old named Michael “Marlo Mike’’ Louding. Michael Louding, along with Adrian Pittman, 36, and Trill Entertainment recording artist Torrence "Lil Boosie" Hatch, 27, were indicted in June of 2010 on first-degree murder charges, in the shooting death of a 35-year-old named Terry Boyd.Michael Louding has also been indicted in five other deaths in the Baton Rogue area, including Chris "Nussie" Jackson, who was publicly feuding with Lil Boosie. Hillar Moore, the District Attorney prosecuting the case, said that witness intimidation in Baton Rogue was common.Police are still investigating Lil Boosie for as many as five murders, including his possible involvement in the death of rapper Christopher “Nussie” Jackson. Lil Boosie remains incarcerated on a 1st degree murder for his allegedly paying to have 35-year-old Terry Boyd shot and killed and multiple drug offenses. Additionally, Lil Boosie was charged with three counts of possession with intent to distribute narcotics, three counts of conspiracy to commit possession with intent to distribute narcotics, and two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institute.The rapper allegedly attempting to import codeine and marijuana into the Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson, with the help of a girlfriend named Walnita Decuir and a correctional officer both of whom were also charged with drug offenses.