Buju Banton’s Label Stands By Artist, Offers Legal Support

Gargamel Music Incorporated has announced their full support for their star reggae artist Buju Banton, who was arrested December 10 on federal drug conspiracy charges.

According to Gargamel president Tracii McGregor, Banton will be provided with top legal service representation from David Oscar Markus, who is a veteran of many high-profile drug cases including that of former Panama military dictator Manuel Noriega.

Markus is set to replace Banton’s current attorney Herbert Walker III, who represented the singer for his initial court appearance.

“It’s on and popping. Walker has never really been our attorney,” McGregor explained to CaribWorldNews.com. “This is Buju and we’re going to get him the top legal representation there is. We are ready to fight. I saw him yesterday and told him to go inward and preserve you.”

Banton, real name Mark Anthony Myrie, was indicted last Tuesday (December 15) with two other men for allegedly attempting to distribute at least five kilograms of cocaine.

Before his arrest, Banton was having a highly successful year, receiving a Grammy nomination for his latest album Rasta Got Soul.

A video for the track “Optimistic Soul” was recently completed.

Last Wednesday (December 16), Banton waived his bail hearing right and will face trial in Tampa, Florida. If convicted, he faces a minimum of 20 years to life in prison.