Bun B Explains Plans for Final UGK Album

AllHipHop Staff

Almost 2 years after his untimely death, Pimp C will receive a musical sendoff via the release of UGK's final studio album.

Entitled UGK 4 Life, surviving member Bun B is crafting the LP as a work that culminates not only UGK's 20 plus year history, but also the life of Chad Butler, known to fans worldwide as Pimp C.

"The new UGK album 4 Life is the final studio album from my late great brother Chad Butler aka Pimp C and myself," Bun said in a statement. "It is my sincere hope that it's a fitting bookend to the legacy of UGK and to the life and times of Pimp C."

UGK first appeared on the national scene with the 1988 EP The Southern Way.

The duo went on to have one of the most consistent careers in Hip-Hop with five well received albums: Too Hard to Swallow, Super Tight, Ridin' Dirty (Gold), Dirty Money, and Underground Kingz (Gold).

Their last album was the group's first #1 LP, courtesy of the Grammy-nominated, Outkast collaboration "International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)."

According to Bun, the new album will be a fusion of the signature UGK sound they've cultivated over the last 2 decades.

"UGK 4 Life is an album for the people," Bun declared. "For all those people who have been with us from the beginning to those we've gained along the way, family, and friends, the street cats and the squares, the supporters as well as the detractors."

Jive Records has targeted UGK 4 Life to be released in Spring 2009.