Bun B Of UGK Works, Waits For Pimp C To Come Home

With Pimp C, one-half of Texas rap group UGK, serving an eight-year bid for aggravated assault with a handgun, his rhyme partner Bun B is keeping busier than CTU agent Jack Bauer during an episode of 24.Bun B has made or will make guest appearances on albums by David Banner, T.I., Dip Set member Jim Jones, newcomer Graph, and Down South staple Baby D."I wish my right hand was here," Bun B told AllHipHop.com from the set of a

forthcoming video by Kay Slay and Three 6 Mafia. "But he wants me to keep the game going. There's stuff I can do to keep our name out until he gets home- that's what he wants."In addition to the laying down guest verses, Bun B is also prepping the

release of the third album by his side project MDDL FNGZ. The album, No Apologies,

will be released in March of 2004 on the rapper's independent label, Perfecto. This will be the group's third album, following Trouble (2000) and Live! From Da Manjah (2001), respectively.Through his features, Bun B has not only been keeping the UGK (Underground

Kingz) name alive, but also bolstering his own buzz. He has no plans for a solo album, but Bun B said P.Diddy and an executive at Sony have approached him about the idea.The veteran rapper also cleared the air on the rumor that he was going to join the reincarnation of the Geto Boys. He said he has too much respect for Scarface to impede on the legacy of Rap-A-Lot Records' mainstay group. However,

he has been working closely with 'Face in the business world."I've been doing A&R work for 'Face's independent label, Underground Railroad and his Skinny Gangster imprint through Def Jam South," he said.Though Bun B shuffles between the world of major labels and independents, he has no preference as he cites pros and cons in both. As far as the situation

with UGK and Jive Records, the rapper explained it was just another conflict between an artist and their label."We're trying to work out our situation at Jive and iron it out to find

better ground," he said before adding. "They [Jive Records] have $2 million dollars in seed money and they should be able to break me and C off with some."Jive Records released the Best of UGK this past summer, which featured the hits "Choppin' Blades" and "Something Good." Pimp C was sentenced to prison January 28 2001 and will not be eligible for parole until 2005.