Bun B Says President Trump Can Come To His Hurricane Benefit Under One Condition

AllHipHop Staff

Bun B says Donald Trump will not be welcome at a benefit the rapper is hosting with Jamie Foxx unless he can do one thing.

(AllHipHop News) U.S. leader Donald Trump will not be welcome at rapper Bun B and Jamie Foxx’s Hurricane Harvey upcoming benefit – unless he takes the stage with Barack Obama.

Trump will not be invited to join the stars raising money for those affected by the historic storm, which has devastated parts of Bun B and Foxx’s native Texas, because the organizers feel he is not a beacon of unity following his remarks about the recent deadly white supremacy protest in Virginia.

The President suggested both sides were to blame for the violence, which cost one young anti-racism activist her life, prompting Americans to turn on him.

Bun B tells TMZ, “Putting Trump on by himself would send the wrong message and people wouldn’t buy the sincerity of it.

“After what he did in Charlottesville, he’s not a symbol of unity and it would rub people the wrong way.”

And there will be no video message from Trump either: “We don’t need a teleprompter President,” the rapper adds.

But if the current U.S. leader could persuade his predecessor to join him at the benefit, there might be a place for him, with Bun B explaining it would send the message that two fierce rivals could come together for a great cause.

The benefit is being planned for September 12.